At DSW we fill a unique niche in the club promotion industry. There is no other company in the country that offers the combination of services that we offer.

The basics are simple; we offer duplication and promotional distribution. The duplication is fast, with custom 1200 DPI labeling in color or black and white on high quality media. The distribution is customized to the clients needs including Billboard, Radio and national Record Pool mailings. What makes us unique is that we combine the two: Rapid turn around of high quality copies and the mailout coming from the same facility.

For example, to do a Billboard mailing, the normal procedure would be to send a master and face art to a duplication company and wait 10 days to two weeks for the copies to come back. While that was going on someone would have to contact a printing facility to get inserts printed (if they were used) and when it all came back, if the facility that did the duplication did not handle the inserts, the package would have to assembled. Then they would be shipped to the company doing the Billboard promotion where the promoter would package and mail them to their list. The total process would take about 3 weeks at best.

If DSW were handling the same job, the client would send us the master, the CD face art, front and back insert art. We would duplicate the CDs in one day, have the inserts printed (48 hours), assemble the package, put the CDs in high quality cardboard mailers with individually printed labels and have them out the door in 3 days.

We can do small jobs: 100 CDs, black and white label, paper sleeve with Mylar window, no insert, shipped to the client the same day.

Or large, complex, custom jobs like this one from last year... Duplication of 5,000 promotional CDs with 5 different sets of mixes for:

  • Client’s personal use
  • Billboard DJs
  • Record Pools
  • US Radio
  • UK Club distribution

The job required five different custom printed inserts, with five different CD faces. All art was spot printed in ultra-violet sensitive day-Glo ink.

DSW handled the distribution for the pools, the Billboard mailing, the radio mailing, shipping to the UK as well as next day delivery, early AM for the clients personal copies for the release party, all on-time, and on-budget.

If you need it right and you need it done quickly, you need DSW.

If you would like to information on our rates or a custom quote, please contact us