As consultants, we advise our clients on all aspects of the Dance Music industry including clubs, Billboard charts, radio, record pool and mixshow promotion as well as production, remixing and manufacturing.

We can assist you with your project at any point from evaluating a rough demo to testing a potential release with a small panel of experienced DJs and radio jocks, to mastering, manufacturing and distribution or complete project oversight.

The team we work with consists of the best promoters in the U.S. for Billboard and radio, as well as consultants that have long résumés highlighting their involvement with major and independent labels. These individuals have been successful on release after release starting from the basic tracks, contacting and hiring the right mixers and quarterbacking the projects through to radio and chart success.

DME maintains the list of reporting pools for both the DJ Times Crossover Dance Chart and the FMQB pool chart and we edit those charts for the respective publications. That list consists of 14 pools covering major markets across the country, and is, we believe, the most effective list of pools available for promotional purposes.

At DME, we provide answers to your questions and solutions to your problems quickly and efficiently.