DDK is a membership organization providing working club, mobile, radio and mixshow DJs with access to promotional material from US and international labels seeking exposure for their product in the US market. The organization also offers those DJs networking opportunities and a chance to express their opinions on new music in a variety of genres and styles. We distribute CDs and digital files provided and authorized for distribution to our list, along with a number of extra perks. Feedback and chart reporting are required as well as membership dues.

If you are a DJ and are interested in a possible membership in the pool please visit our membership page.

If you’re not familiar with the term, record pools are organizations of professional nightclub disc jockeys that serve as a distribution vehicle for new dance music. They allow record companies to distribute their promotional materials to a large number of key nightclubs without the expense of tracking and mailing to hundreds of DJs in dozens of markets. The concept originated in disco boom of the 70s, and has proven to be one of the most cost-effective methods available to expose and promote new dance material to the DJs and charts that influence club patrons. DDK is the oldest continually operating record pool in the world, and has assisted labels in the promotional distribution of thousands of releases over the years.

The DDK chart has been published since 1979 and is one of the most read charts on the web. A Google search for “dance chart” always returns the DDK charts on the first page and most often in the number 2 position.

DJs that are serviced by DDK receive copies of DJ Times magazine and several subscription services at no additional charge.

Labels that service the DDK’s member DJs get their music heard and potentially played by a group of experienced professionals and should the track chart, they receive international exposure with direct links to Apples iTunes Music Store and Amazon MP3 so that any consumer viewing the chart can instantly click on the associated link and immediately purchase the product.

The DDK dance chart has been used for 3 decades by top club DJs, mobile DJs, circuit and mixshow DJs, radio programmers and record labels to track music in the dance, house, techno, pop, and other high energy formats.

Today, aerobics instructors, runners and individuals looking for workout music with a beat use the DDK dance music charts to find high energy dance music downloads. The dance mixes and remixes on the DDK music charts are often hard-to-find, and these charts and their links to iTunes and Amazon MP3 give an edge to exercise and fitness professionals as well. The US and Euro Dance Music featured in the DDK charts is perfectly suited for use as spinning and cycling music, general exercise or fitness music, cardio kickboxing music or step aerobics.